The Stall is were your horse will spend most of its time but unlike other stables KJ Ranch has a turnout attached directly to your horses stall. KJ Ranch horses are welcome to come in and out.


KJ Ranch stalls have a matted floor and are cleaned daily.
Daily cleaning of stalls is best for your horse. In winter if stalls are not cleaned daily amonia will result and not only knock you off you feet when you come in the barn but will damage a horses respitory system possably resulting in heaves. Standing in an uncleaned stall full of mositure can give your horse trush. To avoid unpleasantness to both horse and owner we clean stalls daily.
Water Buckets are Srubbed daily and fresh water is provided at all times.
Srcubbing buckets daily removes the film build up in buckets and prevents bacteria growth. Having fresh water is essential to a horses health. Being able to drink at all times helps keep the intestine from getting impacted (common cause of colic).
Outlets by stalls offer convenientcy and comfort.
Having an electrical outlet by your horses stall allows you to use clippers without the need for extention cords. During winter months boarder are welcome to bring heated water buckets at no extra cost. Though the horses are regularly given warm water having warm waterconstantly available encourages a horse to drink smaller amouts more often.
Each stall is equiped with cross ties.
Having a set of cross ties in a horses stall offers a safer enviroment for horses that dislike or have never been cross tied before. If a horse is to pull back it is enclosed in its stall and cannot run loose down an isle. Having walls around it the horse will more quickly adjust and accept being cross tied. With cross ties in stalls the isles cannot become blocked and the movement of horses is unrestricted.
Open front door encourages human horse interactive and allows horse to use entire stall.
Horses that have human interaction tend to be more friendly. Because you are not able to stop out every hour and rub you horses head having an open front door allows people walking past your horse's stall to say hello to him. Allowing the horse to walk directly up to the front of the stall makes for a larger surface area that the horse can walk in his stall. For your horse this means his stall seems as if it is a neck lenght longer.
Stall wood is lined with chew guards
Chew guards may seem to benefit the wood more than the horse but they truly are benefit to both. With the chew gaurds on the wood a horse is discourged from chewing, windsucking, and cribbing. Even if your horse does not currently crib if it is in a stable where horses do it probably will crib when it leaves. Though cribbing is not a diasease it still is contagious and can't be vaccinated against.
KJ Ranch stalls are 10 x 12 matted with 600 sq ft turnouts
Stall mats provide cushion for a horse and a level area, along with insulating against cold and dampness. Standing on unlevel areas are as uncomfortable to you as they area to your horse. A horse that is in a turnout may walk 10 miles more than a horse in a stall in one day! This walking will not only keep your horse in shape but it will help your horse build or keep muscle tone.

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