KJ Ranch's riding arena is 60 x 100 ft with excellent footing and design

Un like most riding arenas KJ Ranch's riding arena is well lit
The riding arena is lit with 8 metal haylights (used in school gyms). Unlike common riding arena's this one is not like entering a dungeon. Having light makes things like adjusting tack a lot easier.
Young horses with stalls in arena have an advantage
A horse that watches other horses being ridden is much more likely to accept being ridden with fewer problems. Monkey see monkey do!
Light panneling adds natural light
Having the light pannels allow for sunlight to enter the arena making it natural lit. During the day the light pannels let in enough light so the electric lights are not needed!
The sand is regularly dragged and watered.
Working up the arena sand creates a soft cushiony footing that causes less strain in a horse's legs. Watering the arena prevents the sand from blowing around or causing a dust cloud behind a horse.
Horse TV!
Just like you like to watch tv the horses like to watch other horses being worked. Since they have no TV this is as close as they can get.

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KJ Ranch
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