Kreme De Echo
AHR 0559603
Mega Nifficoo
Scottsdale Winner
Regional Winner
Echo Magnifficoo
US National Champion
Candian National Champion
Scottsdale National Champion
A Leading Sire of National Champions
Aladdinn Echo
Reserve Champion Scottsdale
Twice US Top Ten
Twice Canadian Top Ten
Buckeye Champion Stallion
S S Magnolia
Regional Top 5 Mare
Sired by the US & Canadian Top Ten Stallion An Magno++
Lord of the Ring
Sired by US, Canadian, & Scottsdale Champion *Muscat
Merrcedes Minotaur
US National and Canadian National Winner
former Chief Sire of the Tersk Stud in the USSR, bred more mares while owned by the Tersk Stud in Russia than any other exported stallion to date
Amurath Selari
4 times Agassiz Champion Mare
Monarch Z
Scottsdale Winner
Regional Top 5
Shandal Charmon