Psyches Flash has recently returned from halter training at Geneva Arabians and made it home just a couple days before his first foals were born. His first foals were born Jaunuary 28th and 29th and are everything we expected . You can view them on the foals page Added 2/2/02

Here at KJ Ranch we have had a busy summer. We have starting breaking our three purebred arabian mares, AK Glamour Girl, Chelsea Bey, and Chance of Amber all of which are progressing wonderfully. All three purebred mares are checked in foal to Psyches Flash and are due in the months of January, February, and March. All foals are available in utero. Prices start at $5,000. Psyches has been vet gen tested and is SCID clear. Psyches Flash has started his training at Geneva Arabians with Mike Neal and will be shown in 2002 and we are expecting to start a collection of trophies from both him and his offspring. Psyches Flash will also be appearing at the Midwest Horse Fair.2002 is going to an exciting year! Added 10/29/01

I have recently recieved confirmation that Psyches Flash is definately enrolled in the Stallion Avenue at Horse-A-Ramma, on April 13 & 14 at the Brown County Arena. We are excitied to have the chance to show Psyches Flash to horse breeders in Wisconsin. We are currently designing the presentation and stall decoration, but so far we are planning to show the Padrons Psyche video along with the Gainey Breeding program video for spectators to view and learn about Psyches Flash background. Added 1/23/01

Just what we need, another horse, but that is what we got. Our new purchase Chelsea Bey is adjusting to her new home great. Due to the recent purchases others must go. There are newly added horses on the Sales Page. Be sure to check out both Chelsea and the sale horses. Added 1/14/01

Today the Wisconsin Annual All-Breeds Stallion Directory came in the mail. I happy to see that Psyches Flash is on page 134. In anticipation of the breeding season we have already put together his informational packet and some ready to mailed out. Added 12/23/00

Recently we purchased Amber and Chance. They can be viewed on the horses page. They have arrived and are ajusting to their new stalls. Though Amber and Chance were in Minnesota when we purchased them, Amber had spent the earlier part of her life in warm California. She seems to enjoy the snow, but finds the temperature to be less enjoyable. As for Chance the snow is all fun. Added 12/20/00

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