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Craig VandenLangenberg

Trainers: Craig & Will VandenLangenberg

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Training your horse with knowledge of horse sense passed on through generations.

Our Guarantee ...
Give us two days to evaluate your horse and we will tell you what we can do and what you can expect to be accomplished in the allotted training period.

Our Specialties ...
Starting all age horses of any breed, also showing western pleasure, and halter .

Training Methods

The first key to a successful training period is ground work. Ground work is crucial to the training process. The horse must first understand all gaits, whoa, and be well balanced on the ground before they can be expected to do so under saddle.

Horses must learn to adjust to the feeling of a rider on their back and no longer having the safety of a human beside them. They must learn to relax under saddle and face threatening objects without the on-the-ground guidance.

Leg pressure is used to teach the horse to move the desired way without any pressure on the mouth. This keeps a horses mouth soft and responsive.

Smooth transitions between gaits are taught. The horse learns the ques for each new gait. The horse picks up on the riders shifts in postitions and will be ready to enter a new gait before being asked.
Training Goals

During a training period you want to accomplish as much as the horse is capable of doing. You want to teach the horse as many new things as you can without pushing it into something it is not ready for, while at the same keeping good ground manners, and a new found respect for the rider. The horse should know and respond to leg pressure, cues for turning and switching gaits, whoa, backing, longeing, do things willingly, and still mantain their original spirit.

Trainer/Instructor: Craig & Will Vandenlangenberg

920-863-6616 KJ